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Author Topic: Vand analizor spectru audio  (Read 3102 times)

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Vand analizor spectru audio
« on: October 08, 2011, 10:00:29 PM »
Analizor spectru audio:
This project is a version 3 firmware and hardware upgrade spectrum analyzer with 20 audio band of 20 levels each and includes other functions and utilities improvements.

Spectrum analyzer specifications:

    This version is designed in a single board.
    Eleven different ways of displaying the levels of frequencies.
    Contains three push buttons for navigating the setup menu.
    Contains a push button to reset the board.
    Five modes(ways) of display luminance.
    Ability to set the start-up mode when is connected the power supply.
    Ability to set the start-up light when is connected to power supply.
    Ability to set-up the horizontal way to display the levels of frequencies, normal or mirrored for stereo use, the way is memorized to use this settings on start-up config.
    Ability to enter in standby from menu.
    Change from help of analog circuits to filter audio bands to completely digital filtering bands, without the help of analog filtering circuits ( this improve the stability of the displayed bands ) .
    Boot-loader for easy firmware upgrade, via internet Download (all updates will be free) is neccessary one serial or USB-Serial adapter betwin PC and Spectrum Analyzer see User guide.

For bigger or much bigger size of light panel or another firmware or hardware personalization you can contact me via email.

Specifications for this board:

    Analyzed bands (100 Hz - 162.1 Hz - 224 Hz - 286.3 Hz - 348.4 Hz - 410.5 Hz - 472.6 Hz - 596.8 Hz - 721 Hz - 845.2 Hz - 1031.5 Hz - 1155.7 Hz - 1342 Hz - 1590.4 Hz - 1900.9 Hz - 2521.9 Hz - 3515.5 Hz - 5068 Hz - 8048.8 Hz - 15997.6 Hz).
    Input DC voltage from 7.5 to 15V (16V maximum absolute) thought 5.5/2.1mm DC jack with positive center pin, onboard dual DC-DC stabilizer (one for uC and analog circuits and one to powering led display).
    Dimensions 256mm x 77.5mm x 19mm.


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